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Days of the Week in Spanish

Following are the days of the week in Spanish.

            lunes            Monday
            martes         Tuesday
            miércoles     Wednesday
            jueves          Thursday
            viernes         Friday
            sábado        Saturday
            domingo      Sunday

 Following are some observations and rules:

  • Note that all these Spanish words are not capitalized.
  • The days of the week are all masculine.
    el lunes
    el martes
    el miércoles
    el jueves
    el viernes
    el sábado
    el domingo
  • When used with the days of the week, the definite article el, los has the special meaning "on."

    No trabajo el lunes.
    I don't work on Monday.

    No trabajo los lunes.
    I don't work on Mondays.

    Hay una reunión el miércoles.
    There is a meeting on Wednesday.

    Hay muchas reuniones los miércoles.
    There are many meetings on Wednesday.
  • Days of the week ending in -s (Monday to Friday) do not change form in the plural. Only the article changes. Sábado (Saturday) and domingo (Sunday) do not end in -s and they follow the regular plural form of nouns.

    el lunes
    los lunes

    el viernes
    los viernes

    el sábado
    los sábados

    el domingo
    los domingos
  • The verb ser is used to express the day.

    ¿Qué día es hoy?
    What day is today?

    Hoy es lunes.
    Today is Monday.

    Mañana es martes.
    Tomorrow is Tuesday.


PDF download: Days of the Week in Spanish


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