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Plural forms of Spanish nouns

Following are the rules for plural Spanish nouns.

  1. Nouns ending in a vowel form their plural by adding -s:
    el alumno         los alumnos        (student)
    el presidente    los presidentes   (president)
    el amigo           los amigos         (friend)
    la muchacha     las muchachas   (girl, maid)
  2. Nouns ending in a consonant form their plural by adding -es:
    el papel          los papeles     (paper)
    el doctor        los doctores   (doctor)
    la flor             las flores        (flower)
  3. Nouns having a written accent on the last syllable lose the written accent in the plural:
    la nación             las naciónes    (nation)
    la composicion    las composiciones (composition)
  4. Nouns ending in -z in the singular change z to c before adding -es in the plural:
    el lápiz                los lápices  (pencil)


PDF download: Plural forms of Spanish nouns

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