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The Most Common Spanish Words

In this post we are going to go over the most common Spanish words. These include Spanish articles, Spanish conjunctions, Spanish prepositions, Spanish adverbs, and Spanish adjectives. We are going to visit the bigger pieces (pronouns, nouns, verb, and more adjectives/adverbs) in later posts.

el m. the
la f. the

los m. the
las f. the

a to, at
al to the, at the (= a el)

de of, from, by
del of the, from the, by the (= de al)

un m. a, an, one
una f. a, an, one
uno m. a, an, one
unos m. some, a few
unas f. some, a few

cada each
que that, than
y and
o or
como as, like
pero but
si if
porque because
cuando when
ni nor, neither
donde where
e and
aunque although, even though
sino but, except
mientras while
en in, on, into
sobre about, above, on top of
entre between, among

por through, for (means), along, by
para in order to, for (ends)

con with
sin without

hasta until
desde from, since
durante during, for (time)

contra against
hacia toward
según according to
no no, not

más more
menos less

ya already, now, soon
todavía still, yet

antes before, earlier
ahora now
después after, later

muy very
bien well
sólo (solamente) only
además besides, in addition
casi almost

así so
tan so
entonces then
luego then, later

aquí here
allí there

hoy today
ayer yesterday
mañana tomorrow

siempre always
nunca never

también also, too
tampoco neither, not either

este m. this
esta f. this
estos m. pl. these
estas f. pl. these
esto [neutral] this

ese m. that
esa f. that
esos m. pl. those
esas f. pl. those
eso [neutral] that

todo m. all
toda f. all
todos m. all, everyone
todas f. all, everyone

otro other, another
otra other, another
otros other, others
otras other, others

mismo same
tanto so much, as much

mejor better
mayor bigger, older

poco little (not much)
mucho much

bueno good
gran great
general general
tal such, such a
primera first
alguno some, something
algunos some
ninguno no, none

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