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March 17, 2007

Common Spanish Adjectives

There are basically three kinds of adjectives: descriptive adjectives (examples: big, blue, short, happy), demonstrative adjectives  (examples: this, that, these, those), and possessive adjectives (examples: my, your, his, their).

The list of descriptive adjectives is long. However, it is convenient to give you a list of the possessive adjectives and demonstrative adjectives.

Possessives adjectives:

mi/mis (my) nuestro/a/os/as (our)
tu/tus (your) vuestro/a/os/as (your)
su/sus (his,her,ud.) su/sus (their, uds.)

mío/a/os/as (mine) nuestro/a/os/as (ours)
tuyo/a/os/as (yours) vuestro/a/os/as (yours)
suyo/a/os/as (his, hers, ud.) suyo/a/os/as (theirs, uds.)

Demonstratives adjectives:

este - esta (this)
estos - estas (these)
ese - esa (that)
esos - esas (those)
aquel - aquella (that)
aquellos - aquellas (those)

I collected 400 most common descriptive Spanish adjectives. Here you can select randomly from these 400 common Spanish adjectives and see if you can translate them right. Please follow the link below.

The most common Spanish adjectives

Posted by lubw00 at March 17, 2007 08:00 PM