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April 08, 2007

Franklin Speaking English-Spanish Dictionary (BES-1850)

Franklin Speaking English-Spanish Dictionary (BES-1850)


Do you carry a speaking electronic dictionary with you to ease your Spanish learning? I do. It is convenient, helpful, and not very expensively if you choose one wisely.

If you already own BES-1850, the Franklin Speaking English-Spanish Dictionary, I should congratulate you on that, because this is a very nice electronic dictionary. BES-1850 is a bidirectional English ↔ Spanish dictionary. Following are the main positive features for BES-1850:

  • Large vocabulary (totally 5,000,000 translations as they advertised; but I have no idea how they count one translation);
  • Conjugated verbs are searchable (you can type in any conjugated verb form and immediately get to the infinite and its definition);
  • Spell checking capability (if you misspell a word in English or Spanish, BES-1850 will give you a list of correct words that you can choose from);
  • It is a speaking dictionary (this speaking feature is reasonably good and helpful).

Overall, at the price of ~US$100, this is a tool that I wanted to recommend to Spanish learners.

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Posted by lubw00 at April 8, 2007 03:58 PM