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February 18, 2008

Have you heard about Visual Link Spanish

Recently I came across a new Spanish program called Visual Link Spanish. This is an interactive Spanish learning course consists of one major Spanish learning program, one pronunciation CD-ROM, and ten audio CDs. I just received my complete package and I am reviewing the course. I will post my review of this course once I finish  the whole sections.

In the meanwhile, I invites you to try a free lesson of this course by following the Visual Link Spanish Free Lesson link. By the way, the Visual Link Spanish course was voted 5-star on Amazon.

Complete Spanish Program: Click button at right to purchase

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May 07, 2007

Online Spanish Spell Checkers

In this post I will list three online Spanish spell checkers.


Among these three Spanish spell checkers, I like the first one (http://orangoo.com/spell/) the most, for the following reasons: 1. The spelling dictionary is relatively large and it has the ability to recognize sticking Spanish words (such as: "permítame" = "permíta me"); 2. You can scroll up and down to see your overall spell checking progress; 3. It is working fine under both Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The second spell checker (http://www.lenguaje.com/english/tools/spellchecker.php) is also good. the spelling dictionary is also large and the checker works under Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, you won't be able to scroll up and down to see your overall spell checking progress once it enters the spell checking mode.

The last spell check (http://www.thesolutioncafe.com/public-spell-checker.html) is not working properly under Firefox. The spell dictionary is also small. For example, it can not recognize "permítame" and other similar sticking Spanish words.

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