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August 17, 2007

Spanish Programs That I can Listen to in My Car

Following is a communication between me and a website visitor, regarding programs that is suitable for commuters driving cars.

Visitor John: I am looking for a Spanish language program that I can listen to in my car. Do your programs work for this or do you know of some other that will?

ESDICT Answer:

Regarding your situation, I think Comprehensive Pimsleur Spanish is the best program.

There are three levels for this program. Each level has 15 learning hours (or 30 lessons), either in CD or Cassette format. There are no textbooks accompanying this program.

Check them out here:
Pimsleur Spanish I
Pimsleur Spanish II
Pimsleur Spanish III

These comprehensive programs are costing roughly $220 for each level. You can also try the first 8 lessons for Level I first (to see if it fits your need and see if you can follow):
Pimsleur Quick & Simple Spanish

Besides Pimsleur Spanish, you might also try Learning Spanish Like Crazy. This program is quite similar to the Pimsleur Program. They have a download version for less then $100. This is a nice option if you know how to burn CDs from mp3 files.
Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level I
Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level II

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