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      make an end of
      make an inventory of
      make arrangements
      make beautiful
      make believe
      make bigger
      make bitter
      make both ends meet
      make breathless
      make brighter
      make certain of
      make charcoal of
      make cheaper
      make clothes for
      make conceited
      make concrete
      make contacts
      make convex
      make cruel
      make decent
      make deeper
      make difficult
      make disappear
      make dizzy
      make drunk
      make enemies of
      make even
      make evident
      make excuses
      make eyes at
      make faces at
      make firm
      make fluffy
      make for
      make foul
      make friends
      make friends with
      make fun of
      make good
      make good use of
      make great play with
      make haste
      make headway
      make heavier
      make heavy
      make hoarse
      make holes in
      make hot
      make ill
      make inroads into
      make into a ball
      make it easy for
      make jagged
      make known
      make large
      make lighter
      make lose his way
      make merry
      make more attractive
      make more gentle
      make mouldy
      make much of
      make off
      make off with
      make old
      make oneself scarce
      make out
      make over
      make perpendicular
      make possible
      make pregnan
      make pregnant
      make progress
      make ready
      make red-hot
      make rich
      make room for
      make scanty
      make sick
      make signs
      make sit up
      make smaller
      make someone angry
      make someone blush
      make someone dizzy
      make someone indignant
      make someone lose patience
      make someone see that
      make sour
      make Spanish
      make spongy
      make sure
      make sure of
      make suspicious
      make tasteless
      make taut
      make the acquaintance of
      make the best of a bad job
      make the point that
      make thin


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