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Spanish Negation and Negative Spanish Pronouns

Spanish negation can be made by placing "no" in front of the verb. For example:
Me gusta el cuarto. (I like the room.)
No me gusta el cuarto. ( I don't like the room.)

Following are some affirmative Spanish words and their usual negative counterparts.

si (yes)
no (no)

algo (something)
nada (nothing)

alguien (somebody)
nadie (nobody)

alguno (some, something)
ninguno (no, none)

siempre (always)
nunca (never)

tambien (also, too)
tampoco (neither, not either)

o ... o ... (either... or ...)
ni ... ni ... (neithr ... nor ...)

These negative Spanish words can be used in front of the verb, just like the example we saw above for "no". Here are more examples:

Nunca estudio en la biblioteca. (I never study in that library.)
Nadie canta como ellos. (Nobody sings like them.)

These Spanish words can also follow the verb when used with "no". Note that unlike English, double negations are common in Spanish.

No vamos a comer nada. (We're not going to eat anything.)
No vi a nadie. (I didn't see anyone.)
No habla nadie. (Nobody speaks.)

PDF download: Spanish Negation and Negative Spanish Pronouns

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