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Spanish Words for Love

"Love" as a Spanish noun

* afición (enthusiasm): Tiene afición por las cosas de su tierra. She has a love for the things of her land.
* amado (sweetheart)
* amante (sweetheart)
* amistad (friendship)
* amor (pure love, romantic love)
* caridad (charity)
* cariño/cariña (sweetheart)
* cero (score in tennis): Cero a cero. Love all.
* pasión (passion, not necessarily romantic)
* querido (sweetheart)
* recuerdos (regards): Mándale recuerdos míos. Send him my love.

"Love" as a Spanish verb

* amar (to love, to love romantically): Te amo. I love you.
* encantar (indicating strong like): Me encanto escribir. I love to write.
* gustar mucho (indicating strong like): Me gusta mucho este sofá. I love this sofa.
* querer (to love romantically, to want): Te quiero. I love you.

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