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Spanish Words for Weather

People talk about weather all the time. Thus to build up your Spanish vocabulary, it is important to learn these Spanish words that are related to weather.

altamente highly
atmósfera atmosphere
aviso advisory
brisa breeze
calor hot
centímetro centimeter
chaparrón downpour
chubasco squall, downpour
ciclón cyclone
clima climate
desconocido unknown
disperso scattered
despejado cloudless, clear
escarcha frost
este east
fresco cool
frío cold
granizada hailstorm
granizo hail, sleet
huracán hurricane
inundación flood
kilómetro kilometer
humedad humidity
leve light
llover to rain (v.)
lluvia rain
mapa map
mayormente mostly
metro meter
milla mile
mínimo minimum
neblina fog
nevada snowfall
nevar to snow (v.)
niebla fog
nieve snow
norte north
nube cloud
nublado cloudy
occidente west
oeste west
oriente east
parcialmente partly
pie foot
poniente west
posibilidad possibility
precipitación precipitation
presión air pressure
pronóstico forecast
pulgada inch
rocío dew
satélite satellite
sol sun
soleado sunny
sur south
temperatura temperature
tempestad (thunder) storm
terremoto earthquake
tiempo weather, time
tormenta storm
trueno thunder
ventisca snowstorm
visibilidad visibility
viento wind
vientos helados wind chill

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