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Medical Spanish Recommended

Manual for Relatively Painless Medical Spanish

Presented in a systematic and highly entertaining fashion, twelve lessons cover some of the most commonly encountered situations. These include the family clinic, the emergency room, appendicitis, the social chat, pregnancy, family planning, pelvic inflammatory disease and urinary tract infection, depression, children with asthma, patients with angina, explaining a venipuncture and a spinal tap, and patients with shortness of breath. Each lesson closes with a bilingual interview that includes vocabulary and grammar introduced in that lesson. A guide to the medical history and physical examination appears in English and Spanish in the appendix.

Excellent in the classroom or for independent learning, the Manual will enable health care providers better to understand and supply the needs of Spanish-speaking patients.

Medical Spanish: An Instant Translator

Experienced, bilingual physicians from the Department of Emergency Medicine at Cook County Hospital deliver this practical, new manual for effective communication with Spanish-speaking patients. Provides a bilingual medical history questionnaire for common conditions, a complete list of differential diagnosis type questions, and discharge instructions--all of which are accompanied with clear phonetic spellings.

Recommended Learning Spanish Resources

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