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Spanish Vocabulary Recommended

1001 Most Useful Spanish Words

This is one of Seymour Resnick's 20 some books on learning Spanish and French. It is actually a small dictionary of commonly used Spanish words. It is a helpful librito (booklet) for anyone trying to build up his/her Spanish vocabulary.

There are 1001 Spanish words for this booklet, as the title says. Each Spanish word is followed by its concise English translation. An example Spanish sentence is then shown for the Spanish word. An English translation is then given for the Spanish sentence.

In general, "1001 Most Useful Spanish Words" is a good book to have. Recommended. 

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary (English-Spanish Edition)

This book is a solid value at a relatively low retail price. Each page has an illustration and the words for all of the items are presented in both Spanish and English. Makes this the perfect book if you are studying with someone who speaks Spanish but not English. Over 2,400 words are clearly depicted on 102 pages of full-color, contextualized illustrations, covering 82 topics.

Schaum's Outline of Spanish Vocabulary

Excellent book, excellent value. Provides the reader with the vocabulary needed to converse effectively about everyday topics. The aim is to enrich a student's knowledge by providing words that seldom appear in typical textbooks, but that are essential for communicating comfortably. Each chapter focusses on a real-life situation, such as talking on the phone or staying at a hotel. Lots of practice exercises.

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Recommended Learning Spanish Resources

If you have any feedback on these recommended resources, or if you have a favorite Spanish learning resource to recommend, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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