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501 Spanish Verbs

This is a classic book for beginning students. It contains 501 fully conjugated verbs in all tenses in an easy to read format. The verbs are arranged alphabetically, so they are easy to find. There is also a list in the back of the book of 1,000 verbs that conjugate like the model verbs.

All in all, this is an excellent resource for the beginning student, and it can be an enormous help during the first year of study. The only drawback to books of this type is that they can become a crutch for some students. Do buy this book and make use of it, but remember: there will come a time when you must move beyond this book. Do not plan on using this book forever. Buy it, use it, and pass it on or keep it for occasional reference.

750 Spanish Verbs and Their Uses

This is not a book of conjugations. Rather, it is a book you can use to help you choose the best verb for a specific situation. For each of the verbs, you will find several examples (in both Spanish and English) chosen to demonstrate the most common uses for that verb. In addition, the examples clearly show the proper preposition to use with the verb. There is an excellent index that makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for. This is an important book for students who have reached the advanced beginner stage.

Recommended Learning Spanish Resources

If you have any feedback on these recommended resources, or if you have a favorite Spanish learning resource to recommend, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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